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Which Sleep Position is Best for your Body?

There is usually that sleep position that gets you to sleep just like that! But it might not be the right sleeping position for your body. The way you sleep can play a big role in snoring, heartburn, and even wrinkles! Read on to see if you should switch it up in bed.


Though only eight percent of people sleep on their back, it is by far the healthiest option for most people. Sleeping on your back allows your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. This means that there’s no extra pressure on those areas, so you’re less likely to experience pain. Our Memory Pillows are best for back sleepers because they help align the head, neck, and spine during sleep.


Sleeping by your sides wards off back and neck pain. Plus, you’re less likely to snore in this snooze posture, because it keeps airways open. For that reason, it is the best choice for those with sleep apnea. Fifteen percent of adult choose to sleep on their side, but there’s one downside: It can lead to wrinkles because half of your face pushes against a pillow. There is a solution to that though. Our Bounceback pillow is soft and smooth and prevents face squashing. So if you are a side sleeper who is not ready to change sleep position, the Bounceback pillow should be your holy grail.


This is the most popular sleep position. A loose, fetal position is great for pregnant women. This is because it improves circulation in the body and fetus, and it prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver, which is on the right side. This pose is also good for snorers. But resting in a fetal position that’s curled up too tightly can restrict breathing in the diaphragm and leave one feeling a bit sore in the morning.


While this is good for easing snoring, it’s bad for practically everything else. Seven percent of adults pick this pose, but it can lead to back and neck pain since it’s hard to keep your spine in a neutral position. Plus, stomach sleepers put pressure on their muscles and joints, possibly leading to numbness, tingling, aches, and irritated nerves. It’s best to try to choose another position, but if you must sleep on your stomach, try lying face down to keep upper airways open—instead of with your head turned to one side—with your forehead propped up on a pillow to allow room to breathe.

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