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5 Tips to help you sleep better

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Have a consistent sleep time

Sleep experts recommend having a consistent time for sleeping and waking every day. This sets a regular sleep-wake rhythm for your body and prevents you from feeling groggy when you wake up. You can create a consistent sleep time by setting reminders and planning your activities to not exceed your scheduled sleep time.

Check what’s on your dinner menu

Heavy food and beverages like caffeine have a tendency of making you feel too heavy and can alter your sleep pattern. Ideally, it is recommended that you do not have dinner beyond 7 pm. Also ingesting a lot of liquid a few hours before bedtime may disrupt your sleep time by inducing you to visit the rest room all through the night. Focus on eating light.

Mentally prepare for sleep

Mental preparation of sleep is what you achieve when you look forward to bed time rather than worry on if you would experience difficulty falling asleep as you may have in the time past. Attempt to get your mind better relaxed by engaging in activities that are relaxing such as great time with family and not activities that induce stress or great energy exertion.

DE clutter your bedroom

Reserve your sleeping space for just sleep alone. Bringing work to the bedroom or having a lot on your bed can affect your sleep pattern. Also, as much as televisions in the bedroom aid in relaxation, eliminate exposure to news that usually have stressful topics or disturbing content.

Invest in quality bedding

This matters a lot as it is what you have to actually lay on to sleep. Invest in high quality bedding such as E’Sorae Luxury offers and also pay attention to your laundry care of it so the fibres will not wear out before time.

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