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5 amazing things you can do with your throw pillows - esoraeluxury blog

Throw pillows are one of the most amazing décor items! There are so many unique and creative ways you can use them that would bring life and colour to your living room and couch!
Read on to find out 5 amazing things you can do with your throw pillows!

1. Mix and Match Patterns

mix and match throw pillows - esoraeluxuryMixing and matching patterns is one of the biggest throw pillow trends right now. There’s no limit to how creative you can go with this method. One way to do this is to mix plain and patterned throw pillows, for a stylish contrast. Another way is to go for the main colour, and then pick one or two patterns that also have that same colour to create a general theme!

2. Use Different Sizes

different sizes throw pillows - esoraeluxury blog
You can switch up your throw pillow décor by using different sizes of throw pillows. You could have a really big throw pillow, then a medium size throw pillow or even a really small one. When doing this, however, ensure that the really big throw pillow does not take over the entire sitting space, as this may leave your couch looking overcrowded.

3. Go for Bold Colours

bold colours throw pillows - esoraeluxury blog

Let the colour of your couch lead you when choosing your throw pillow colours. If your couch is neutral, take advantage of that and choose bold colours. This is an excellent way to draw the eye. Go for a bright blue, whine, or yellow, and tie the colour into 3 or 4 pillow designs that contrast your furniture.

4. Put them in Corners

throw pillows at opposite corners of the couch - esoraeluxury blog

This is a throw pillow arrangement that is not only stylish but also creates enough sitting space on the couch. By placing the throw pillows at opposite ends of the couch, you draw the attention to the corners of the couch and create a super modern and stylish vibe!

5. Personalize Them

monogrammed throw pillow - esoraeluxury blog

Personalization is a concept we always love, you could inscribe names, words of love or inspirations on the throw pillows, and they would look absolutely fantastic! Of course, not all the throw pillows on the couch would need to be personalized, just two on a long couch does the trick perfectly, and you could also have one personalized throw pillow on a single sitter chair!


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