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4 Things Happy Couples Do Before Bed

4 things happy couples do before bed

At some point in every relationship, it becomes imperative to switch things up. Especially when the same routine isn’t providing the required results. Most times, there isn’t any deliberate effort to build a better relationship. People apply the ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ rule. It might not be broken. It might be cracked and we know what happens to cracked things when they aren’t fixed promptly. Other times, especially for couples with kids, the stress and chaos that comes with taking care of little humans can make it very hard to carve out bonding time.

Trust that we care about you, your home and everything that makes you happy. So we came up with four effective things to do with your partner before bed for a better, healthier relationship.

Throw the phones away!

It is important to carve out time with your partner without distractions of phones and laptops. A great time to do this will be an hour or two before bed. Just drop the phone and listen to your partner.

Have a heart to heart

A direct consequence of getting rid of phones and other devices before bed is that you get time to talk more with your partner. The key to a successful relationship is communication, and not just any type of communication but effective communication. Let your partner know what is going wrong with you. Know what happens to your partner and share in their problems. Sharing their problems with you would make them feel so much better and ready to take on the next day.

Don’t go to bed without your partner

The entire day is already spent at your various jobs and the evening is likely spent trying to take care of your kids and carve out time for them. So, what time is then left for you and your partner to spend if not bedtime? There is a form of intimacy that is created between a couple when they get ready for bed together. It is in the little things, looking into each other’s eyes as you brush your teeth, getting into bed together and cuddling up to each other, perhaps a little bedroom action and then pillow talk. All these foster an important bond between both partners.

Make sure that you, and your partner get enough sleep

When one partner in a relationship has not been getting a good night’s sleep, it affects every part of that relationship. That partner becomes cranky and can even end up lashing out at their partner for next to nothing. Another reason is that lack of sleep stresses a person out and many relationships have been destroyed from the projection of one partner’s stress on to the relationship. So, try as hard as possible to ensure that your partner is getting enough sleep. And one sure means of sleeping better is having premium, soft sheets and pillows like the ones we stock at E’Sorae Luxury. Premium bedding items make the bed all the more enticing and enhance the quality of the time you share with your partner before sleep.

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