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shopping for the right bedding this rainy season - esoraeluxury blog

Hacks to Get 8 hours Quality Sleep at Night.

You work longs hours and have just a few to rest, then you hear someone say you need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Really? How are you supposed to juggle work hours and still sleep that long? The fact is, sleep plays an important role in our lives. While we sleep our brain signals our […]

5 Reasons why you need Egyptian cotton towels.

  Egyptian cotton towels are well known for their softness, durability and superior quality making them the finest in the world. They stand out from the rest with their organic nature and superior strength in softness and absorbency. Their long fibers allow them produce the finest and smoothest yarns without compromising on quality. Here are […]


The benefits of a good night’s sleep is very crucial to our health and so many elements contribute to the quality of rest we get daily. You must feel like you have it all figured out after sourcing for the best mattress, best sheets, pillowcases and duvets and you’re wondering if you really need a […]

5 amazing things you can do with your throw pillows - esoraeluxury blog


Throw pillows are one of the most amazing décor items! There are so many unique and creative ways you can use them that would bring life and colour to your living room and couch! Read on to find out 5 amazing things you can do with your throw pillows! 1. Mix and Match Patterns Mixing […]

shopping for the right bedding this rainy season - esoraeluxury blog

Shopping For The Right Bedding This Rainy Season

It’s gotten to that time of the year where you are probably in need of the cosiest bedding to keep you warm during the cold cold night! Your sheets, pillows and mattress protectors are all very essential, however for the cold weather you are going to have to be very particular about the duvet you […]

8 tips for light sleepers - esorae luxury

8 Tips for Light Sleepers

There are upsides to being a light sleeper, which includes the fact that you can easily hear anyone trying to creep up on you and you’ll always hear your alarm ring. Sadly, however, the downsides outweigh the upside. There are so many people in the world who suffer from light sleeping, this means they either […]

Which Sleep Position is Best for your Body?

There is usually that sleep position that gets you to sleep just like that! But it might not be the right sleeping position for your body. The way you sleep can play a big role in snoring, heartburn, and even wrinkles! Read on to see if you should switch it up in bed. BACK SLEEPER […]

4 things happy couples do before bed

4 Things Happy Couples Do Before Bed

At some point in every relationship, it becomes imperative to switch things up. Especially when the same routine isn’t providing the required results. Most times, there isn’t any deliberate effort to build a better relationship. People apply the ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ rule. It might not be broken. It might be cracked […]

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5 Tips to help you sleep better

Have a consistent sleep time Sleep experts recommend having a consistent time for sleeping and waking every day. This sets a regular sleep-wake rhythm for your body and prevents you from feeling groggy when you wake up. You can create a consistent sleep time by setting reminders and planning your activities to not exceed your […]